SAP Basis and Security Administrator

Responsible for SAP basis, continued support, post go-live. Landscape included a 4 instance ECC 6.0 installation, 3 instance SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0s installation, a 2 instance Solution Manager 7.0 installation, and 2 pairs of load balanced Web Dispatchers used by 90% of the end users. Technology included Windows 2003 Server, AIX 5.3, and DB2 9.5. Hardware included HP hardware as well as IBM P5 and P6 Servers. Support team included both in house, outsourced, and off shore members.
Responsibilities included 24/7 production support, post go-live super user/developer support, performance tuning, coordinate outages, system refreshes, Support Pack and EHP upgrades, IDOC archiving, workflow archiving, process documentation, tablespace/table/index reorganizations, and client builds.

Onsite SAP security resource was rolled off around 12/2009, after which the Basis team took over all security responsibilities.

Basis Lead for a short time when prior lead rolled off the project and a new lead was not yet hired.


  • Rebuilt the development instance onto new hardware 6 months after go-live. Used a combination of data from the old development server and the current production client, to build the new development server that had a working unit test client for the development team.
  • Documented and tested the Disaster Recovery Scenario on a monthly basis.
  • SAP Archiving of FI, OTC, Workflow, EDI, and PTP data.
  • SAP SP15, EHP4 upgrade of entire ECC 6.0 landscape. Landscape was using SP13, EHP1 prior to upgrade.
  • Compliance Calibrator upgrade from 5.2 to 5.3, as well as support pack update to patch 13. Technical configuration of CC for SOX compliance testing/reporting. Setup included memory troubleshooting for the Analysis Daemon.
  • Fire Fighter configuration and user/role creation.
  • Coordinated outages with offshore and offsite resources for AIX, DB2, and SAP tasks.
  • Due to experience in ECC Portal, helped the development team install and configure Iviews and such in the portal environment.
  • Primary contact point for all SAP Portal related tasks and troubleshooting.
  • Responsible for all security in the Java Heaps across the landscape.
  • DISCO used HP Service Center as their ticketing system.
  • NetWeaver Development Studio Installation and support for our NW development team. NWDS was installed on windows virtual machines for ease of use by different members of the dev team. Attached NWDS to Java heap Change Management transport strategy.
  • AIX crontab administration and script creation for variety of uses including system checks for daily health checklists.
  • Client copies from production client to QA Regression test client. ~1.5 TB of data was copied over using a combination of index creation, DB2 level export/import.
  • Optimization of BDLS for use during client copies and system refreshes.
  • System copies from production to QA as well as sandbox instances.
  • Supported Informatica/ODS team with communication issues with SAP’s gateway and TRFC tables.
  • Maintenance of CCMS/Solution Manager monitoring of instances as well as Web Dispatchers.
  • Solution Manager 7.0 Development instance installation and configuration.
  • Migration of Solution Manager project from Enterprise Solution Manager, to local Solution Manager.
  • Completed daily health checks of production system and worked with functional leads and developers to fix update errors and troubleshoot short dumps as well as job failures.
  • Attended Change Control meetings with functional leads on a weekly basis, in order to identify weekly/monthly transports to production.
  • Maintenance of production cluster environment, using AIX HACMP and DB2 HADR technology.
  • SAP Web Dispatcher installation and kernel updates.
  • DB2 tablespace, index, and table level reorganization completed on a monthly basis post monthly archiving.
  • SAP security administration of single and composite roles.
  • Worked on a quarterly basis with auditors for SOX compliance testing of system and security events.