SAP Basis and Security Administrator

Responsible for the administration of SAP WAS 7.0, SAP R/3 4.6C with AFS 3.0, Business Warehouse (BW 3.5 with BI 3.5.2) and for daily monitoring of all SAP R/3, BW/BI, and Netweaver landscapes. Duties included coordination between the business power users and our SAP service provider, Oracle maintenance and performance tuning, CCMS administration, kernel updates, hotpack upgrades, tuned system according to Go-Live checks, server sizing, BW and R/3 plug-in maintenance, night batch job process monitoring, OSS note implementation, setup and maintenance of printers and print queues, rebuilding of Oracle indexes (as necessary). Installed sandbox installations on AS/400 with DB2 and AIX with Oracle to investigate re-platforming. Production was using Sun Solaris with Oracle at the time. I maintained the DB2/AS400 and AIX/ORA instances as well as migrated data from our production instances onto these instances.

During my time at Warnaco, I was put in a lead position and had 5 of our operators reporting to me. These operators would be in charge of watching the system 24/7 and informing me of any issues. I also trained the operators to better understand the basis tools as well as troubleshoot issues.


  • Installed sandbox client for upgrade testing using 4.6C SR2/Oracle 9.2.0. Sandbox was built on a AIX 5.3 virtual LPAR on an AS/400. Was able to port the Oracle database from a SUN Solaris 9 server to a AIX 5 server using SAP’s heterogeneous system copy procedure.
  • Upgrade SAP R/3 4.6 C to ECC 6.0 on sandbox to plan for upgrade onto our new hardware.
  • ECC 6.0 Performance tuning on Oracle 10g.
  • SAP CRM installed onto sandbox for proof of concept.
  • Solution Manager installation onto Windows 2003 Enterprise Server.
  • Administration of Solution Manager to generate keys for upgrades and installations.
  • Installed sandbox client for hardware migration from SUN Solaris 9 to AS/400 and DB2. Migrated data from our production instance to this system.
  • Installed WAS 7.0 server with SQL 2003 for implementation of SAP Virsa GRC 5.1 software with RTA agents and Virsa FF.
  • Upgrade of Virsa CC 5.1 to 5.2 with RTA agents and Virsa Firefighter.
  • Researched and built technical plan for BI 3.5.2 upgrade to BI 7.0.
  • Worked with security team to implement SAPs’ Central User Administration into our R/3 environment.
  • Created policies for end users to submit background jobs and development requests.
  • Trained operations group on daily system monitoring (example of tools: ST02, SM50, SM37, SM12, DB02, etc)
  • Responsible for gathering daily, monthly, and quarterly reports for D&T and Internal Audit.
  • Documented all new procedures for SAP Basis areas.
  • Schedule and coordinate system/database refreshes and client creation for various projects.
  • Enabled security logging and table change logging for auditing.